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Pest-RX is the leading expert in spider pest control and removal services. We offer guaranteed spider removal treatments for homes, cottages, and businesses in Peterborough, The Kawartha Lakes and Bancroft. Get rid of spiders for good!

Say Goodbye to Spiders!

Spiders can be a nuisance as they leave behind cobwebs, which can make your home look messy and unkempt. If you’re dealing with a spider infestation in your home or cottage, it’s important to act quickly.  Warm spaces attract spiders, so when it starts getting colder outside, they will start to migrate indoors.

Seeing a single spider in the home is not always a cause for concern. However, if that spider lays eggs in your home, you could end up with a spider infestation. Each egg sac can contain hundreds or even thousands of spider eggs!

Pest-RX spider extermination services ensures your home is free of spiders and other household pests all season long. Contact our pest management experts today for more information or to book an inspection.

Getting Rid of Spiders Indoors

Pest-RX provides safe and effective treatments to help homeowners get rid of spiders from their homes. Treatments can be done at any time throughout the year, including spring, summer, and fall.

Our spider removal process involves using a fog which covers the entire interior of your home or cottage. During the treatment, we’ll require you and any pets leave the premises for five hours prior to and following the treatment.

Exterior Spider Control

Spiders can make the exterior of your building or home look very messy and dirty. With cobwebs stuck to the brick or wood, it can give the impression that it’s not being maintained regularly. 

Pest-RX spider pest control services, offers exterior solutions to help rid your property of unwanted spiders. We spray the entire exterior of the building from the soffits to the ground, including under decks and handrails. This ensures that spiders and cobwebs are kept from returning for the season after the treatment.

Our exterior treatments start in May; however, this can be done at any time throughout the year, including spring, summer, and fall. Keep your property spider free with an annual spider treatment. This will help to ensure its free of spider webs, putrefied flies and bugs, and spider waste.  We also honor a warranty on exterior spider removals until Labor Day, September 4.

Do Spiders Bite?

Spiders can bite and yes, we have poisonous spiders in Canada, the most common one is called the “Brown Recluse Spider.”

The venom causes (necrosis) the injury and death of the surrounding tissue. In severe cases, the venom can damage deeper tissue causing extreme complications! Wolf Spiders bite feels like a wasp sting so do bites from other spiders!

There are 39 unique species of spider, confirmed sightings by members of SPIDER ID. Spider populations are not limited to areas that humans have decided are a spider’s ideal territory. Most time, spiders are unknowingly transported by humans in cars, luggage, and daily commodities shipped around the world commercially.

Professional Spider Treatment:

Our professional spider treatments are safe for people, pets and the environment. Our licensed technicians use the latest methods and technologies to ensure effective spider control with minimal disruption.

Best Solution for Spider Pest Problems

Contact Pest-RX today to find out how we can help eliminate your spider problem before it gets out of control.

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