Spider Control & Exterminator
Peterborough, Kawarthas & Bancroft

Spiders can bite and yes we have poisonous spiders in canada, one is called the “Brown Recluse Spider”
The venom causes (necrosis) the injury and death of the surrounding tissue. In severe cases, the venom can damage deeper tissue causing extreme complications!
Wolf Spiders bite feels like a wasp sting so do bites from other spiders!
There are 39 unique species of spider, confirmed sightings by members of SPIDER ID.Spiders are not limited to areas that humans have decided are a spiders ideal territory. Often spidery are found well outside the known normal territory, usually accidentally transported by humans in cars, luggage, and daily commodities shipped around the world commercially.
Spiders can make the exterior of your home look very messy & dirty, with webs stuck to the brick and wood, the putrefied flies and bugs discolor the siding and window frames leaving an ugly mess and stain. So if you are tired of spider webs taking away from the beautiful look of your home and tired of walking into spider webs, give us a call, we can help!