Cockroach Control & Exterminator
Peterborough, Kawarthas & Bancroft

Wood roaches, American and the German Cockroach are the most common types of roach in our geographical location !
Wood roaches eat decaying organic matter, wood roaches live it woodland areas under moist logs, bark, wood piles, any decaying wood.
They can and will live inside wood homes! Especially older log and wood sided structures.
We often bring them in with the fire wood.
Unlike other roaches, the wood roach is attracted to light.
The Cockroach is omnivorous, it will eat both plant & animal.
They do prefer meats, starchy and fatty foods.
They eat crumbs on our floors or items in the garbage can or right out of the food containers in the cupboard.
They leave feces wherever thy have been, they are dirty.
Cockroaches are immune to most a of the pest control products that are available to the general public.
We have the Cure !
If there is a shortage of food they will eat household items like glue, toothpaste, soaps, makeup etc.
If there is no food available they will turn cannibalistic and eat each other, taking bites out of each others wings & legs!
One reason they have lived since the dinosaurs were around. A female cockroach only needs to copulate one time, she stores the sperm and can then lay eggs many times during her lifespan.
Each german egg sac contains 50 individual eggs. Seriously!
Cockroaches like to live in dark, warm & moist areas, near water pipes. We often find them under the fridge nested around the compressor, ( it is warm and sweats moisture) We often find them in fluorescent light ballasts and many many other areas in your home.