Bat Removal Peterborough
Kawarthas & Bancroft

We will humanely evict bats from your Home, Business and Cottage.
Seal all possible entry points ensuring that the structure is “Bat Proof “
Bats are a PROTECTED species.
Female bats will enter to make a nursery for their young and roost in the attic, soffits, walls and voids in a structure.
The female bats & their female young will return each year to the same nursery, this is how a colony increases in number.
Male bats will hang around outside the nursery, at various locations where they feel safe.
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Bats & droppings will become a negative when trying to sell a building, when a home inspection reveals the evidence of bats it is often necessary to have the bats evicted, guano and contaminated insulation removed.
The complete process can often take months, depending on the time of year, We are prohibited from doing this work at certain times of the year!
Don’t be surprised, give us a call to book a detailed inspection, we will photo document what we find.