Bed Bug Exterminator Peterborough
Kawarthas & Bancroft

Bed Bugs are a nightmare, they feed on human blood, and other ( mammals )
They can live for over a year without a meal.
When available they will feed on a host every 2 weeks.
Like any blood feeding insect they can transmit parasites & disease.
Freezing will not kill them.
They are often very difficult to find, they lay eggs in cracks and crevices, inside walls, etc.
Thy are the most time consuming pest to get ride of.
Bed Bugs can easily be introduced into your home by hitching a ride on your clothing, brought in on used furniture, in your suitcases from when you travel.
They are attracted to the carbon dioxide that comes off our body and breath.
When travelling they will climb into your dirty clothing in a suitcase or bag, thinking they are finding a host, then you return home and bring them into your home.
Just that easy!